Software Engineer and Architect

Hi, I’m Kirk.

I’ve been writing software professionally for over 20 years. In that time, I’ve worked in a fair number of problem domains including feature film animation, fintech, e-commerce, video games, education and brain tumor research.

I’ve also worked with a breadth of programming languages and technologies, but my focus today is web application development, primarily with Ruby on Rails and React.

One of my guiding philosophies in software development is somewhat unique. I look for opportunities to auto-generate as much of the code as I can. Often the auto-generation is driven by a concise DSL. In the rare case I’ve been able to generate working code directly from requirements documents from product or specifications from vendors. This can result in orders of magnitude improvements in productivity, not just in reduced development time in engineering, but also in reduced testing time (because things work on the first try) and reduced waste caused by defects in production. This approach guided the development of the “clive” and “crepe” utilities at my current employer LendingHome, the creation of procedural artwork for the game Quintgel, and the devepment of the “MUM” framework at a previous employer.

To see more about my past work experience, check out my LinkedIn profile. Plus you can look at my portfolio of my own projects.